25 Eylül 2011 Pazar

How to mount a remote file system using sshfs on Linux

Install sshfs
1. sudo apt-get install sshfs 

Name of created directory is "mount".
2. mkdir /home/ubuntu/mount

Open the fuse.conf file with the gedit
3. sudo gedit /etc/ld.so.conf.d/fuse.conf

Save the following line into opened file:  /usr/local/lib 

The following command helps to mount remote filesystem on your computer
4. sshfs ethemsulan@blabla.osa-tek.com:/ /home/ubuntu/mount

The following line can be used to fix the permission denied restriction.
5. sudo chmod a+rwx /etc/fuse.conf

chmod 777 helps you to give all the permission your mount directory.
6. chmod 777 /home/ubuntu/mount

If you want to unmount  remote directory from your computer, you can use the following command line
sudo fusermount -u /home/ubuntu/mount

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